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The country’s biggest forex trading entity, JJPTR was founded by Johnson Lee, 28. It claims to be an investment company founded in March 2015. Since Saturday, reports of JJPTR accounts being hacked – resulting in a loss of RM500 million and leaving a balance of only US$11,000 – have gone viral, creating panic among many investors. GEORGE TOWN: Controversial financial scheme operator JJPTR is seeking professional help over the purported hacking job that resulted in the Penang-based company losing RM500mil. However, Lee did not say when the new scheme will be launched nor how JJPTR plans refund its investors' money after incurring such losses. In a recent interview with the media, Lee confirmed that the company lost USD400 million (RM1.73 billion) worth of funds overnight, but claimed that the company will refund over 400,000 members from all over the world within five years JJPTR Review: JJPTR, also known as JJ Poor to Rich, is an investment company founded by Johnson Lee in Penang, Malaysia.. The company offers high-return investment that promises 20% monthly profits on their participants’ capital. It has enjoyed a growing presence in Malaysia and Singapore since early 2016. KUCHING: JJPTR or JJ Poor to Rich, one of the biggest money games in the country has collapsed, according to Oriental Daily quoting sources from the Internet. The Chinese daily reported that ... The “forex trading firm” came under public scrutiny last month when their promise of 20% returns failed to materialize and investors found themselves suddenly out of pocket. Earlier this week, JJPTR founder Johnson Lee was remanded by Malaysian authorities after his company was forced to shut down operations, and stop taking people’s hard-earned money two weeks prior. He also addressed news reports claiming that he had used JJPTR’s “investors’” hard-earned money to buy branded bags for his girlfriend. “My girlfriend is an Internet celebrity and is also a young model, helping to endorse a lot of brands. Naturally she will receive sponsorship from these brands. Don’t need me to buy at all!” he said. They claim to be a forex investment scheme that promises 20% returns every month and an extra 5% for every additional member they bring in. Also, it supposedly has operations in Singapore Malaysia Australia Brunei etc with over 120,000 members and USD$95mil under management. Obviously, this is too JJPTR has fallen! A few months ago, we wrote an article to highlight potential issues with JJPTR that points to the possibility of it being a Forex ponzi scheme.On 20th April 2017, investors of JJPTR suddenly found that they could not log into their accounts or contact JJPTR staff and upon visiting the JJPTR offices, found them shuttered. In Chinese, JJPTR stands for jie jiu pu tong ren (解救普通人, meaning "saving ordinary people"), claiming to help ordinary people generate passive income at a low cost through Forex trading. Considered one of the biggest money games in the country, the company quickly rose in prominence in early 2016 among Facebook groups and investment forums in Malaysia and Singapore for promising an ...

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JJPTR founder's dad is biggest shareholder

JJPTR Trading Strategic 交易策略 为什么会说JJPTR很稳,原因在于策略! Why JJPTR is stable? This strategy is the answer! Website网站: https://www ... 大家都问, JJPTR 怎么可以可以给每个月20%的回酬呢? 肯定是骗人的, 投资的钱一定被骗去。 这影片里头是JJPTR创办人, 在里头他会解释为什么这个Forex ... Owner of webonyX Business Solutions webonyX Business Solutions is a mission driven company that explore communities, gather, and promote information that are... Forex trading firm JJ Global Network Holdings Bhd which runs the JJPTR investment scheme is owned by Johnson Lee, his father and former girlfriend. Category News & Politics 3 EMA Crossover Trading Secrets For Any Market - Duration: 12:19. NetPicks Smart Trading Made Simple Recommended for you Know your forex terms Before we delve any deeper into the possibilities that exist in the Forex market, we need to go over some basic Forex market terms. Pip... JJPTR Investment plan. Scam or not? Founded by self-professed Forex trading guru Johnson Lee, it claims of a noble mission to help ordinary people make a passive income through Forex trading.